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The Matrix

The Matrix was one of the most popular and thought-
provoking movies of all time. Viewers all over the world were
captivated by the film’s primary message: People get into
deep trouble when they mistake what they perceive for
reality. What most viewers do not realize is that prior to
the release of this groundbreaking film, western
intelligence agencies were already using the term “the
Matrix” to describe today’s world. This was in contrast to
their work with remote viewers, who would “escape the
matrix” to gather intelligence. Art truly does imitate life.

In the movie, the Matrix is an elaborate Artificial
Intelligence computer simulation that’s so captivating that
people mistake it for reality. People perceive they are
walking about and interacting with others, but their
physical bodies are actually submerged in fluid-filled pods,
“plugged into” the Matrix, while their vital life force is
harnessed to power the Matrix.

After Neo (Keanu Reaves) learns the truth, with the help of
Morpheus’s (Lawrence Fishburne) training, he is able to
overcome his misconception that the Matrix is reality. Neo
rebels against the machines that create his false reality
and, eventually, he escapes the limitations of the Matrix.
To others, he has developed superhuman abilities, but, “in
reality,” he has merely recognized the truth.

Escaping the Matrix is a metaphor for the mystic path to

The Matrix can be defined as the world that we perceive,
which includes the physical world, as well as higher planes
of emotions and thoughts, which also affect us.

Within the Matrix, are countless fear-based thoughts and
emotions that condition us to accept limitations. We are
taught that we have little power, and what little power we
do have, we are advised to delegate to authority figures and

Swimming in a sea of negative thoughts, we are prompted to
use our creative ability to imagine even more negative
thoughts. Without introspection, the Matrix gets darker and
more dense.

Anyone who blindly accepts these prevalent, negative
thoughts will have his or her life path dictated by the

But those who recognize that it is our collective thoughts
and beliefs that power the Matrix will recognize the way

When we incarnate on earth, we temporarily forget the higher
truth of who we are. Our life mission is to remember, to
connect with our innermost self, so that we may transcend
the Matrix.

The reality we perceive with our senses is not the true
reality, but merely a small portion of reality, masquerading
as the whole. But, unlike the “alternate reality” that Neo
must extricate himself from, in our “reality,” there is no
need to rebel. Rather, our goal should be to transcend. We
want to “be in this world, but not of it.”

The outer world is a reflection of our inner thoughts and
beliefs, whether individual or collective, which have been
conditioned by our experience in the Matrix. Consequently,
the Matrix is a learning environment, where we get feedback
on how our thoughts manifest. Thankfully, our negative
thoughts do not (typically) manifest instantaneously.
Otherwise, we would risk the spontaneous destruction of our
world by thinking negative thoughts.

Clearing yourself of negative energies through daily
meditation can provide a direct link to the “ultimate
reality,” i.e., the pure consciousness residing within each
of us.

As your negative beliefs are purified through regular
contact with the “light” of your divine nature, unhealthy
emotions, such as fear and anger, will naturally begin to
diminish, and you’ll be free to transcend to higher states
of consciousness. You will “download” more of your own true
self, while simultaneously and automatically attracting
others of similar vibration.

Your world will become more synchronistic. You will repel
angry, fearful people, and those who stick around will
become calmer and more centered. You will radiate love. By
simply being in higher consciousness, you will have a
greater effect on the world than the most gifted orators and
political leaders.

The higher your consciousness and energy are vibrating, the
faster your thoughts will manifest. When you align with our
innermost self, you are aligned more closely with the source
of all creation. At the apex of your individual
consciousness, you are connected with The One. You then have
at your disposal the entire universe to help you manifest
the highest good for all.

In actuality, we are single points of awareness in the
Oneness that is Reality. What we interpret as the physical
world is the projection of this awareness, which is taking
place in the Mind of God. We are, as Shakespeare pointed
out, merely “actors” in a divine play.

When we wake up to this knowledge, the play does not stop.
We are free to act or interact, in bliss and peace,
unattached to the Matrix. We have within us the power to
create “heaven on earth.”

~Edwin Harkness Spina

Comments on: "The Matrix" (1)

  1. Francisca,
    Wow… it was a nice article about one of my favorite movies. This movie was really out of box approach , and forced me to think about really who we are.? Usually we think we are super power and could control most of things around us. But at end of day we forget who is controlling us, may be some machine like movie, may be God or may be some aliens. Really we are clueless.
    We need to thing we are really living in to a matrix and someone created it, we are just part of it , or we are just a module of it with some specific task. We have to do that task… but we need to think who created this matrix and with what object.
    Keep posting.


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